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What is the Wheel of Time


Are you a developer? In this case, maybe you needed in your applications to run some pieces of code based on a schedule and a simple timer was not enough; for example to download a file every day from Monday to Friday at 8 o’clock in the morning. If you answered “Yes”, maybe this library can help you.


The Wheel of Time is created in C#.NET and released under GNU/GPL3 License.


From the features:

  • The jobs are run asynchronously by the Wheel so a job can start even if the previous one did not finished.
  • The jobs can be created programatically or from the configuration file.
  • The file configuration mechanism is decoupled from the running mechanism (the Wheel). So you can create your own configuration file, parse it and extract the list of jobs needed by the Wheel.
  • You can add jobs to the Wheel even when it is running.
  • You can create custom jobs.
  • The jobs can be parametrized in the configuration file.
  • The Wheel raises a set of events when running a job, so you can do additional action on the events.
  • The schedules can be written in cron format or in an xml detailed format.
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